About the Book

When conflict erupts and disrupts your leadership, you can flounder. Or you can use the principles, strategies and resources outlined in this book to help you faithfully navigate these choppy waters to the glory of God and the health of your community.

Alan Kelshaw explains how to be the leader who leads through conflict strategically and confidently, be it in a church, school, mission or para-church ministry, while consistently maintaining leadership focus, community cohesion and organisational purpose.

The book takes a holistic approach covering:

  • a framework of 8 biblical principles under the acronym HELM to shape and empower leadership responses to conflict
  • practical strategy alternatives under the 8 HELM leadership principles
  • over 25 resources to support these strategies
  • conflict dynamics in Christian communities, including heart desires and the instinctive responses of leaders to conflict events
  • an in-depth look at conflict involving a whole community
  • an examination of 4 other prevalent types of conflict
  • approaches for dealing with the media, lawyers and consultants.

Read this book if you want to be the leader who will remain steady at the helm, while navigating conflict graciously, confidently and biblically. It is your companion on the conflict journey and it is full of hope. The book is designed to protect leaders from burnout and being lost to Christian ministry. The information and principles offered will equip leaders to keep their community safe. Most importantly, the book seeks to promote the kind of leadership that will be a witness to the power of the gospel within and beyond the community.